poultry Farming in Uganda

poultry Farming in Uganda

poultry Farming in Uganda


The success of the business depends on the ability to understand and share the principles of sustainability, organic farming, and the organic farmer. The organic farming philosophy is the core of our business. This philosophy is a way of living that is unique and unique is the core of our ethos. We believe in the idea that the farmer is the best possible expert in his or her field. We have the vision, resources, knowledge, and ambition to create the best possible environment for our customers. Therefore, we work best when we work with farmers and other stakeholders to solve their problems.

The farmer, her staff, and her customers all work together to produce the best possible conditions for the farm. It’s a very interesting part of rural life. We are always learning and continually moving forward to provide a better experience for our customers. The aim was to create a beautiful farm using the best available ingredients to create the most beautiful food including artisan farming techniques.

We are looking at future products that are of the highest quality. We produce organic, grass-fed, free-range, grain-fed, and organic ingredients. We source the best foods and produce products that have been vetted for quality and health and we strive to produce fresh, well-processed food products at a price that we can afford

Our customers see the strength in our products and the fact that they can sell them to retailers and wholesalers across the UK. Our customers have brought in £7.4 million in turnover and total, we have a turnover of over £80,000. We have grown organically to provide a fresh supply of food and produce to those who are looking for quality, clean food and produce. We have established a strong customer base also through our direct-to-consumer approach.

We supply a range of products to the UK market. We aim to have more than 20 organic, local, sustainable, natural , and wholesome products by the end of 2012. We are now expanding and are in discussions with distributors who can bring the products to market. We aim to develop a strong corporate network with a corporate website and social media. We have recently launched an online store to enable our customers to quickly browse our range of organic and local food products


We believe in the power of the concept of ‘natural farming’. Producing the highest quality organic food in a way that preserves the environment for future generations. We live in a rapidly changing world where the most basic conditions can be lacking in quality and that is the main reason why we created our farm. We believe in the necessity of the ‘healthy food supply’https://www.agriculture.com/livestock/poultry/when-and-how-to-start-a-poultry-farm

Food for Human Farm was founded with the vision of producing organic certified organic foods which include but are not limited to, organic milk, 100% grass-fed beef, organic poultry, organic produce, seafood, organic produce from sustainable sources, and farm-raised produce. We have developed a strong business relationship with our suppliers which allows us to maintain an assured supply of quality in mind and it’s been a pleasure working with them on this journey.https://betterhopeanimalcare.com/poultry-farming/


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