Give your birds the best possible care

Give your birds the best possible care

Poultry farming

You’ll be rest assured knowing our dedicated team will do whatever is needed to give birds/livestock with the best possible care when we are called upon.

Poultry farming, rising of domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese primarily for meat and eggs but also for feathers. Of all domestic fowls, chickens are the most important producers; chickens of egg-producing lines are used for the production of eggs sold as food.

Poultry feeding in birds is a highly perfected science that ensures a maximum intake of energy for growth and fat production. High-quality and well-balanced protein sources produce a maximum amount of muscle, organ, skin, and feather growth. The minerals in the feeds will produce bones and eggs, with about 3 to 4 percent of the live bird being composed of minerals and 10 percent of the egg. Antibiotic are widely used to stimulate appetite, control harmful bacteria, and prevent disease.

Poultry needs good management so controlled environment that avoids crowding, chilling, overheating, or frightening is most important. Cannibalism, which expresses itself as toe picking, feather picking, and tail picking, is controlled by debeaking.

Feeding, watering, egg gathering and cleaning operations are highly Important Birds are housed in wire cages with two or three animals per cage, depending on the species and breed, and three or four tiers of cages superposed to save space. Cages for egg-laying birds have been found to increase production, lower mortality, reduce cannibalism, lower feeding requirements, reduce diseases and parasites, improve culling, and reduce both space and labour requirements.


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