Give your birds the best possible care

editor- 22/12/2019

Poultry farming You’ll be rest assured knowing our dedicated team will do whatever is needed to give birds/livestock with the best possible care when we ... Read More

cattle feed troughs

Abigail- 28/07/2021

cattle feed troughs   When you install a system of livestock watering facilities, you will need  cattle feed troughs. You can choose a setup that's best ... Read More

Health Monitoring

editor- 22/12/2019

We believe that no animal should suffer because of a lack of treatment. That's why the reason we've been working and moving door-to-door and treating ... Read More

Breeding and herd improvement

Abigail- 29/10/2021

Breeding and herd improvement The breeds of dairy cattle have been established by years of careful selection and mating of animals to attain desired types. Increased milk and ... Read More

Poultry keeping

Abigail- 20/07/2021

Poultry keeping For chicken lovers, the unusual rise in retail prices for poultry and eggs in recent weeks has certainly been a cause for concern. ... Read More

cow foot disease

Abigail- 18/03/2021

6 common cow foot disease in Uganda Foot rot  . this is the most common cow foot disease ,it  takes place  among the claws of livestock. ... Read More