Best Breeds of Pig for Farming

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Best Breeds of Pigs for Farming Large White This breed is sincerely white, however, they've got freckles (black pigment spots). A Large White pig has ... Read More


poultry farming

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poultry farming Poultry farming, rising of domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese primarily for meat and eggs but also for feathers. Of all domestic fowls, chickens are the most important producers; chickens of egg-producing lines are used for the production of eggs sold as food. Poultry feeding ... Read More

How do you take care of a goat in your yard?

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Goats are relatively easy to take care of, and sanitary housing, good quality pasture, nutritious food, and plenty of sunshine will greatly help to reduce health problems. Goats need to have their hooves trimmed every four to six weeks. Read More

Tips to Keep Your Livestock Safe and Healthy

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Taking preventative measures go hand in hand with regular veterinarian checkups. Preventative medications can keep your livestock free of unwanted health issues, like heartworm, flea-related diseases, and tick-borne illnesses. In addition, Don't use tranquilizers before a flight, Ensure you've packed everything on your dog travel packing list Read More